Grenada Hanging Chair – Lemon

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A great chair because…
– Authentic handmade Colombian chair.
– Very comfortable, you float around.
– You can sit up (e.g for typing, eating)
– Space saving, single hanging point, small footprint.
– 100% polycotton – durable and comfortable.
– Strong, up to 130kg (2 Adults approx).
– Portable, with a matching drawstring bag.
– Colourful and stylish with cadejos.
– 1 Year warranty.
– Easy care, machine washable.

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The HAMACA Grenada hanging chair is a brilliant hanging chair for lounging about in. The main benefits of a chair over a hammock is that you can sit up more easily (although you can sit up across the width of the bigger hammocks), which means you can use your laptop in complete comfort.

They also have a smaller footprint compared to a hammock.

A cotton hanging chair will last a good few years, but this polycotton takes durability to another level. You can relax when you leave your hanging chair out in the elements. Polycotton is polyester treated and woven so that it feels just like cotton, but you get the superior strength and resistance to sun bleaching. It really is the best of both worlds.

The spreader bar is made from oak wood. Oak is very well suited to this because it is dense and strong and pieces of wood can be selected which do not contain any knots. Knots are weak points. This is not the same with woods such as pine or birch.

This hanging chair is brightly coloured, colourfast and machine washable, so you can just chuck it in the washing machine to make it fresh and new for the next season.

HAMACA hammocks and hanging chairs are carefully handmade in Colombia and is intended for many years of use. This hammock is perfect for those who want nothing but the very best for summertime in the garden and wintertime in the house.

100% Polyester
Fabric area 105x140cm
Height / Minimum Hanging Height: 155cm / 175cm
Supports up to 130 kg (2 Adults approx)
Total weight: 1.9kg
Box Size: 111x12x8cm
Handmade in Colombia

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Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 111 × 12 × 8 cm


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